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Ventilation Rates

1. Environmental Criteria

The following data provides the designer with general values for ventilation rates (since introduction of compuslory non-smoking laws).

The table below provide only the estimated data (ventilation rates) in accordance with the latest industry regulations and standards.
In order to know the exact data, make calculations for your building, please contact us.

2. Ventilation Rates

Space TypeFresh Air Rate
Shops, Open Plan Office *10 L/s
Residences Hotel Bedrooms *10 L/s
Private Officers & Cafeteria *10 L/s
Conference Rooms10 L/s
Restaurants10 L/s
Board Rooms15 L/s
Corridors10 L/s/m2
Kitchen (domestic)10 L/s/m2
Kitchen (commercial)10 L/s/m2
Toilets **10 L/s/m2
* These figures based upon CIBSE Guide Section A1 can be increased to 15 L/s per person to meet the current general demand for increased ventilation rates.
** See Statutory Regulations and Local Authority Byelaws

At REMARS, we use industry standards, regulations to help measure effective Ventilation Rates for buildings. Call us or send us email to help you properly size new HVAC equipment.

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