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Design Parameters – velocity, pressure losses – pipework, ductwork

1. Environmental Criteria

The following data provides the designer with general values for Component Design Parameters – velocity, pressure losses – for ductwork, pipework.

The table below provide only the estimated data Component Design Parameters in accordance with the latest industry regulations and standards.
In order to know the exact data, make calculations for your building, please contact us.

2. Component Design Parameters

Pipework Velocity:
Conventional System0.75 – 1.5 m/s max (15-50mm dia)
1.25 – 3.0 m/s max (over 50mm dia)
Small Bore Pipework1 m/s
Corrosive Water2 m/s max
Pump Head in kPa0.36 x circuit length in m
System Water Content:
Conventional Systems1 l/m2 of radiator surface area
Boiler Plant1.5 l/kW
Steel Panel Radiator5 l/kW
Heating Cooling Coils4.9 l/m2 of finned area
Pipework (Steel):
15 mm0.25 l/m
25 mm0.60 l/m
32 mm1.2 l/m
40 mm1.5 l/m
Copper+10% of steel values
Air conditioning air flow rate1 m3/s per kW of cooling
Fan electrical input1.6 x fan total pressure (kPa)
x volume Rate (m3/s)
Ductwork Velocities:
Low velocity system3 – 5 m/s
High velocity system7.5 – 15 m/s
Louvre face velocity2.5 m/s free area
Ductwork pressure losses:
Low velocity system1 Pa/m run
High velocity system8 Pa/m run

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