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Radiation around Us – day / night

Radiation around us? Most people are not aware of all the natural and man-made sources of radiation in our environment.

We are exposed to radiation all the time.
Is radiation around us the same during the day and at night? Has Sun have an impact for that?

See these photos below:

  1. Date: 26 October 2018 – 22:51pm – 0.12 µSv/h


radiation at night

2. Date: 27 October 2018 – 11:02am – 0.12 µSv/h

radiation during the day

As you see on the photos above – day or night – radiation is the same.

Radiation is naturally present in our environment. In addition, radiation can be produced artificially, as in medical x-rays and microwaves for cooking. The various forms of radiation can be either beneficial or harmful, depending on their use and control.

More info about radiation sources you can find here:

Radiation in Chernobyl / Fukushima? -> see

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