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Building Services Design

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Why Is Building Services Design Important?

When people think of buildings being designed they more than likely conjure up glamorous images of high flying architects designing huge skyscrapers like the Shard. It can be easy to forget that there are practicalities when it comes to getting buildings off of the ground. Building services engineers ultimately hold the responsibility of the final design, the installation, and the operation and monitoring of certain services in buildings such as MEP or HVAC. This design and implementation of public health services and electrical systems helps to keep the building safe and usable. If more than one service is used, say for example HVAC design Liverpool and another company managing the actual build, they will work together to ensure their plan is able to be applied practically.

How do building services engineers work?

If you were designing a building you would want to find a good building services engineer right at the start of the project. The building services engineer or engineer will look at the architects design and help them to meet the needs of the people who are living or working in the building. A building services engineer may focus on things such as:

Lighting, including things like how much daylight can get in at what times and what artificial lighting is needed
– Air conditioning
– types of radiators, boiler
– fuel for boiler
– other installations – gas, oil, biomass, wood chips etc.
– photovoltaic installations, solar panels and other renewable energy sources
– Alarms, including fire alarms

They will also be tasked with making sure the cost of the building is as efficient as possible and does not waste any resources. Building services engineers will apply sets of scientific principles to the design of the building to ensure they have covered everything they need to, to keep the inhabitants safe and well.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

What is HVAC?

HVAC is one of the main things a building services engineer will need to design and install in the building. It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning . This is important in the design of a building not only for the comfort of the people in it but also for the costs to the building owners. The HVAC company will look at doing everything they can to retain natural heat or keep the building cool, and then they will build any air con or heating they need on to that. If you find a good HVAC company the chances are that they will work very closely with you to help you achieve the most efficient solution for your building. A good building services company will share plans with you, ask questions and make any changes that you feel are needed, or sometimes push back if they think their way is more cost efficient or safe.

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