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The Importance of Using a Professional Building Engineer

Are you about to embark on a building project? Have you considered using a professional building services engineer? Would you like a stress-free experience, while saving yourself precious time and money?

We are a company of Consulting Engineers in London / Liverpool / Manchester who can provide everything that you require to ensure that your project runs smoothly, complies with all regulations and allows for an efficient building process.


Building services HVAC design MEP Manchester London Liverpool

The importance of having engineers who can liaise with your builders and other trades cannot be emphasised enough. Providing building plans that are legally compliant from the start can avoid financial losses caused by alterations and modifications at a later date. We can provide all the calculations, feasibility studies and advice on specifications that will ultimately optimise the potential of your building.

We are at the forefront of innovations and technology and can suggest systems that will save energy, increase comfort and ensure safety and security. Environmentally-friendly solutions are of the utmost importance and we can evaluate existing systems and suggest improvements to cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance the quality of life of the end-user.

Implementing technologies from the start of the project enables your tradesmen to easily and seamlessly integrate them into the building process. We will be available to respond to queries and communicate with your builders, plumbers and electricians. We can provide a full project management service, which is often key to keeping a build on track, saving time and avoiding problems and costly errors. Building schedules are essential to assess progress and create goals.

Optimising the layout of your build at the planning stage can make the difference between a good building and a great building. Space-saving solutions, calculations and detailed designs provided at the outset will save you time and money in the longterm and optimise the potential of your project. We can suggest new ideas and innovations that may not have been considered and find solutions to problems that may be limiting you.

Our Building Services team can support you and help your project to be the best it can be. We will assure that you are legally compliant, well informed and efficiently moving towards successful completion. A building project can be one of the most stressful situations in life. We can minimise this stress by providing the information and backing to allow you to have confidence and ultimately enjoy the process.





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we can help you with building services design (incl. HVAC, ventilation, heat pumps, fire strategy), engineering, management (London, Manchester, Liverpool or other places) for your next project.

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