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What is Building Services Engineering?

Building services engineering is the design, installation, development, and maintenance of the convenience, functional, efficient, safe and comfort systems in buildings.
It’s all about buildings meeting the needs of people and animals who live and work in them. That the buildings provide the conditions for which they were designed and are to be used, e.g. maintaining proper air humidity in libraries or internal temperature and water temperature in swimming pools, etc.
Building services engineering helps to create spaces in which buildings and built-up space, areas are to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Building services engineering covers the following topics:

REMARS M&E Consulting Engineers offer proven capability in all Mechanical service & Electrical services, with particular strengths in renewable energy technology and sustainability services.

Approachable and customer-focused, we look to create long-term partnerships ahead of short-term profit. We value our relationships with architects, contractors, specifiers and clients and are proud that a high percentage of our turnover is generated through repeat business.

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